Crowdsourced and Official Support in Enterprises, Bridging the Gap

Large organisations work mostly in silos, no matter what you say. They are either cultural silos, organisational silos, geographical or technology silos. These silos might all have their own tools and goals on solving business related problems.

One of the common problems is enterprise support and supporting your employees via digital channels. Traditional Service Management approach focuses on ITIL process, like Incident Management, and ticketing tools. The Social approach utilises crowdsourced support models and Enterprise Social Network (ESN) tools. Each of these organisational units drive their own goals and many times don’t really know about each other, some work for Collaboration & Communications while others work with IT Service Management for example.

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Employee-driven Enterprise

Last year we started HappySignals to bring solutions to a very important and rising topic in the consumerization of Enterprise IT and the Happiness of IT department’s customers, the Employees. We all at Palmu Work have long background in building internal services, like Self-Service Portals, Intranets, Enterprise Social Networks and other digitalized processes. All of us felt that how these things were measured and how the business cases were built around them, were still lagging compared to the consumer world. We set-out to change one of the most traditional parts, IT Service Management.

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Tieto’s Intranet presented

During my time as Tieto’s Head of Digital Channel, the Intranet was one of the main services I was developing. Last year the Intranet concept was presented for the Digital Workplace Group by my colleague and they made a nice summary of the findings. But one final comment on how it’s easy because Tieto is an IT company, was perhaps not the correct one.

“It’s important to note that not every company can compare its intranet to Tieto’s. Tieto is an IT firm. They have tons of in-house resources for building a good intranet. But this is still a good bar for any company to aim for.”

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