Tieto’s Intranet presented

During my time as Tieto’s Head of Digital Channel, the Intranet was one of the main services I was developing. Last year the Intranet concept was presented for the Digital Workplace Group by my colleague and they made a nice summary of the findings. But one final comment on how it’s easy because Tieto is an IT company, was perhaps not the correct one.

“It’s important to note that not every company can compare its intranet to Tieto’s. Tieto is an IT firm. They have tons of in-house resources for building a good intranet. But this is still a good bar for any company to aim for.”

This may seem true if you look from the outside, but many times it’s actually even more difficult to build IT services in an IT company. Having multiple business units with different vendor specific goals, meant that all developers had their preferred platform, so you get 75% of people saying how it actually should have been done. You also need to fight for the internal resource with external projects that actually bring the revenue. Compared to when you get an external contractor doing the project for you with agreed deadlines, outcomes and commitments. I think the most important factor was the commitment, passion and vision of our Digital Channels and Corporate Communications team, which was then translated into development project run with Agile method, so we could always adjust the scope according to the resourcing situations.

You can find the full article here.

Today Tieto’s Intranet has already evolved many steps from this, and during my role at TIBCO as Collaboration Strategist I’ve seen how many companies are still in the early phases of their Intranet journey, it was nice to revisit the old memories.

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